A Joyous Triptych
Percussion Ensemble (5 players)

PDF Preview

A triptych is a three-paneled painting or carving, typically an altarpiece. In this case, the three panels are three statements of the same core melody, each performed by a different instrument family. Each panel starts with a solo instrument playing a version of the same chorale-like melody, before breaking into an exuberant mixed-meter version joined by the other instruments. The first section is wooden idiophones, with solo marimba being joined by xylophone, temple blocks, and castanets; the second section is metal idiophones, with vibraphone and tubular bells joined later by glockenspiel and triangles; the third section starts with drums, solo melodic timpani being joined by toms and bass drum, before being joined by marimba, vibes, and tubular bells.

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