River Songs
for Four Unappreciated Rivers
String Quartet

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This string quartet is in four movements, each based on the character of a particular river.

The first river, Lethe, is a river from the Greek underworld. While the Styx is more well known, there are several rivers that souls had to cross after their death according to the ancient Greeks. The Lethe was the river of forgetfulness, which souls were required to drink from to forget their mortal life before entering the fields of Elysium.
The second river is the Wisła (or Vistula), the river which flows through Warsaw, Poland. This movement is based on a Polish folk song 'Frelychs from Warsaw', which is a traditional Polish dance.
The third river is Domnu, the river/goddess from Irish mythology who was the sister to Danu and the mother of the Fomorians, who are monstrous creatures from the sea.
The fourth river is the Acheron, another river from the Greek underworld. The Acheron was the river of woe that souls were ferried across by Charon (it is often confused with the river Styx).

The piece is tied together by a common motive, stated at the beginning of the first movement, which appears in various forms throughout the piece.

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