Cantate Deo
2-part Treble Choir/Children's Choir, Organ, 2 trumpets (Also available for SATB)

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This setting of the opening lines of Psalm 67 is a jubilant, fanfare-like piece commissioned for the 2018 Cantate Deo Youth Choir Festival. The trumpets echo each other, reminiscent of the great antiphonal cathedral music, while the organ interjects with exuberant, rapid-fire gestures. The choral parts take advantage of the strength of unison lines, as well as breaking into more contrapuntal and call-and-response textures.

Psalm 67 - Latin Vulgate
Cantate Deo, psalmum dicite nomini ejus;
iter facite ei qui ascendit super occasum.
Dominus nomen illi; exsultate in conspectu ejus.

Sing to God, chant praise to his name;
extol him who rides upon the clouds.
Whose name is the LORD; exult before him.

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